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Amazing Spaces has been offering top villas for film & photoshoots for 20 years.

We got to see the best that Cape Town has to offer, and approached the villa owners to add their villas to our portfolio for holiday rentals.

Amazing Spaces has offered top designer villas for films and photoshoots in Cape Town and the Western Cape since 2000. As a result, we’ve developed close relationships with all our villa owners and are therefore able to offer the most rare and desirable real estate in our vacation rental portfolio.

Many of these villas are only available when the owner is travelling abroad adding to its exclusivity. You won’t find these villas on any other platform. 

As a service and solution-oriented enterprise we are passionate about how we market our villas and who we lease them to. We are therefore committed to creating the ultimate connections between villa owners and travelers looking for the quintessential vacation experience.

We like to believe that it’s not only what we say about a villa or destination that makes an impact, but the feeling you get from being in the right place at the right time. 

We love what we do – we see great spaces and we meet amazing people.

We work hard, but we also believe in fun and cupcakes!

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